With her project "Classical To Jazz", German pianist and composer Olivia Trummer takes up the challenge to blend the two - seemingly antithetic - genres, Classical music and Jazz. 

"Classical To Jazz" does not seek to switch between one genre and the other. It seeks to be inspired by both and let a new and distinct musical voice emerge between the poles. 

Trummer and Treboux perform music that is inspired by classical piano works by Bach, Scarlatti and Mozart. With wit and imagination, they carve a new way each time through Trummer's complex compositions which also give plenty of room to the individual musicians to shine as improvisers. 

By adding Trummer's vocal scats at times during the performance, the duo's pallet of sounds and interplay gains an extra dimension. Clearly, the duo shows that beauty and complexity don't have to be opposites. 

Trummer and Treboux have enthralled audiences in Germany, England and Ireland with their live performances. "Jazz London Radio" states in a concert review: "Seeing this music played live was an incredible treat, with the audience captivated in a way I haven’t seen for some time (and I go to a lot of gigs)."

At their concerts, Trummer and Treboux present the music from their first album "Classical To Jazz One" which has also won much praise from the press:  "Olivia Trummer and Jean-Lou Treboux clearly adopt the classics from a jazz perspective, providing them with a sheer magical vitality that seems suspended from time and genres." (Jazzpodium)